Harold Ware, Maxavenue Founder and CEO

In his nearly two decades as Maxavenue’s founder and CEO, Harold Ware has helped thousands of home sellers earn 5-20% or more for their homes, and generated billions of dollars of real estate sales nationwide. He’s also helped train over 8,000 top real estate agents and 500 brokers and owners. Now, he’s bringing his revolutionary home selling method straight to consumers.

Harold Ware’s passion as a tireless consumer champion inspired him to create the new controversial and groundbreaking free webinar, A Wake-Up Call for Home Sellers, which is currently being offered to the public in Austin, Texas.

A Radical New Way of Selling Real Estate

Harold Ware has been building businesses his entire career and spent decades as a very successful entrepreneur, both in the US and internationally. But when he first turned his attention to the business of real estate, he saw what most industry insiders had missed for decades.

As he says in A Wake-Up Call for Home Sellers:

“I realized the core competency of a listing agent should be world-class property marketing and yet it was obvious to me that top real estate agents rarely presented anything but very basic property marketing plans. Where was the world-class property marketing system?”

This realization inspired him to develop a scientific process using advanced business principles and property marketing methods to help homeowners sell their homes for maximum value. He created the foundation for his breakthrough innovation in selling homes in 2004. Since then, he and his team at Maxavenue have invested thousands of hours developing “the science of selling homes for maximum value.”

How Being an Outsider Made Harold Ware a Visionary

Although Harold Ware is now a thought leader within the real estate industry, he founded Maxavenue as an industry outsider. His work demonstrates the words of Peter Drucker, the father of modern business management. Drucker said that industries often change and improve only because of “outsiders” who see the problems that others don’t.

And Drucker commented that, “Real innovation is always about the end customer.” Like Drucker, Harold Ware believes, “In real estate, sellers and buyers are the ultimate customers and the only ones paying the more than $100 billion in annual real estate commissions. Consumers are not being provided expertise and results commensurate with the agents’ commissions.”

Traditional Agents are Costing Home Sellers
Billions in Lost Profits

In his webinar, Harold Ware is presenting the first radically disruptive way to buy and sell homes in 70 years. He’s quick to point out that although his free webinar reveals the serious weaknesses of current real estate practices, “I’m attacking the system, not the real estate agents. There are good people trying to help consumers sell their homes, but their systems are obsolete.”

But Ware also explains: “Real estate agents collect such large commissions yet provide so little value to buyers and sellers. They are systematically selling homes for less than sellers deserve, and there is now a much better way.”

Don’t Put Your Home on the Market
Without Reading This

Harold Ware says that having your home for sale at this time in a hot real estate market like Austin, Texas, can be confusing. “Sellers think that getting an offer above asking is the ultimate goal. But the truth is that Austin home sellers could actually be losing up to 20% or more of the maximum potential price for their home if they don’t leverage the principle of price elasticity.”

He is passionate about his webinar, A Wake-Up Call for Home Sellers, in which he explains:

“No seller wants to get less money than they deserve for their home. They want to get their maximum potential value. However, the sad truth is that according to Fannie Mae, the Federal National Mortgage Association backed by the US government, shockingly, about 65% of homes sell for below market value. And in a hot market like Austin, 99% of sellers using antiquated traditional property methods are leaving money on the table. It’s not market value that sellers should aim for but the maximum potential price.”

An Invitation to Earn up to 20% or More for Your Home

Harold Ware invites home sellers to learn how to protect their investment and earn up to 20% or more for their homes. Registration is now available for the free webinar A Wake-Up Call for Home Sellers.