About Maxavenue

Our Purpose: To be the world’s leading consumer champion for homebuyers, home sellers and real estate investors.

Our Mission: To serve our clients as extraordinary lifetime trusted advisors through passionately pursuing excellence and personalized relationships.

Our Vision: To ensure that all homebuyers, sellers and investors receive equally exceptional standards of professional competence and service.

For decades before the Internet, REALTORS® occupied a unique role as gatekeepers to real estate information. Agents had access to the local MLS listing information and the public did not. It wasn’t until about 1995 that real estate information started to trickle out on the Internet.

Now, billions of people worldwide are connected to the Internet and the average person has access to more information about real estate than REALTORS® ever had access to prior to the Internet. Today’s buyers and sellers are wondering what value REALTORS® are truly offering. Are real estate agents overpaid for the level of knowledge and expertise they are delivering?

Maxavenue was founded on the belief that the consumer deserves more value for the real estate commission they are paying. Buyers and sellers are often frustrated about the gap they perceive between the expertise agents offer versus the amount of commission they are getting paid.

The goal of Maxavenue is to revolutionize the real estate brokerage industry by raising the bar of professional competency standards by providing MBA level real estate training for our elite REALTORS® and business and marketing support teams.

Maxavenue is the world’s first and only real estate brokerage company that trains and certifies top REALTORS® in the revolutionary Maximum Value Home Buying System® and Maximum Value Home Selling System®—the world’s most effective home buying and selling systems that help save or earn our clients up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Better information. Better Process. Better Decisions.™
I would definitely recommend the Maximum Choice Home Buying System® if you’re looking to find the perfect home at the right price. I love the fact that it’s a proven plan that made us feel confident that nothing was overlooked in the home buying process. The system included everything from home searches to financing option to negotiations, which helped us make the most informed decisions and ultimately it led to us finding our dream home.
Carrie Obrien
Austin, TX
I would definitely recommend the Maximum Value Home Selling System® because it gave us the plan to maximize the value of our home.

By following the plan, and professionally preparing our home, not only did we know what to expect at each juncture of the process, we sold our house quickly and for the exact number we wanted!
Gail Forrester
Austin, TX
Because of the Maximum Choice Home Buying system®, especially with the market analysis, the financing package and then the negotiating skills with the seller’s realtor, we believe on our particular property that we saved $30,000 due to the fact that we had a strategy, we had the right market analysis and our initial bid was accepted and we closed within 30 days.
Phil Donohoe
Austin, TX