The Science of Selling Homes for Maximum Value™

The Maximum Value Home Selling System® (MVHSS) is the world’s most advanced property marketing system. Since 2004, this exclusive, repeatable system has helped thousands of home sellers across North America sell their property for top dollar in the shortest amount of time. The MVHSS’s proven track record gives you the confidence that you have maximized your odds of attracting the highest possible offer.

The core success factor of the MVHSS is based on the Principle of Price Elasticity. Price Elasticity means that there is no fixed price for your home. It’s almost a crime that most real estate agents will base the asking price of your home on a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). To receive Maximum Value for your home, you must go well beyond just looking at a CMA to identify the property marketing variables that can be proactively managed to INCREASE the perceived value of your home to the right target audience. The result: higher offers!

Only Maxavenue REALTORS® are certified to use this exclusive and proprietary process, with the systems, people and training to deliver Maxavenue’s promise of superior consumer value. With the Maximum Value Home Selling System®, you get the property marketing expertise you deserve commensurate with the commission you’re paying.

Smart Home Selling Decisions Start with the Maximum Value Home Selling System®
I would definitely recommend the Maximum Value Home Selling System® because it gave us the plan to maximize the value of our home.

By following the plan, and professionally preparing our home, not only did we know what to expect at each juncture of the process, we sold our house quickly and for the exact number we wanted!
Gail Forrester
Austin, TX
We sold three homes with the Maximum Value Home Selling System®!

Each of the homes received a full price offer within the first week, and closed quicker than most of the other houses for sale in the neighborhood. I don’t think any of this would have been possible without the Maximum Value Home Selling System® and Maxavenue’s team of experts.
Carrie O'Brien
Austin, TX
The Maximum Value Home Selling System® is going to get the best value for your home.

I got full asking price for my home which I thought was more than the value I was going to get, and I sold it in less than twenty-four hours! My experience with Maxavenue was excellent. Behind the scenes, the people I called were always responsive, very informative and very knowledgeable.
Shad Haddox
Austin, TX