Will You Make this Costly Austin Home Selling Mistake that Could Cost You $10,000 to $50,000 or More in Lost Profits?

What is this costly Austin, Texas home selling mistake?

 Almost 100% of sellers fail to get their home pre-inspected before they put their home on the market!

In the hundreds of workshops I’ve given, virtually every traditional real estate agent is shocked when I say they should require a pre-inspection for their listings. Their objection is often, “Oh, but then you’re required to disclose the results to potential buyers and my sellers don’t want to do that.” I find that answer baffling because it makes no sense. 

The agents are usually confident that they’re correct until  I ask them another question that leaves them literally speechless. I ask them: “How do you price a home without knowing its condition? Do you have a crystal ball that reveals that the home doesn’t have mold in the air conditioning or any other hidden problems that you may not be aware of?”

Without exception, the agents have an “a-ha” moment, realizing I’ve revealed an egregious error in their pricing process. In other words, they realized that you can’t really price a home without knowing its condition other than by making speculative and potentially costly assumptions. 

Not having your Austin home pre-inspected is like writing a blank check to the buyer

Failing to do a pre-inspection undermines your ability to negotiate the final selling price from a position of strength. Why? Buyers will use the their home inspection report like a hammer to demand price reductions and allowances.

So, if you want to minimize price reductions, repair costs, and buyers walking away from purchasing your Austin home, then you must complete a pre-inspection. Despite my warning to traditional top agents, I’ve never met a top agent who requires pre-inspections to maximize the net profits for the seller. It’s mind boggling!

I’ve never met an Austin home seller who wanted to sell their home for less money!

Having your home expertly pre-inspected is just one of the top 10 home selling secrets you need to know if want to sell your Austin home for its maximum potential price

One of my favorite sayings related to selling homes is “promises don’t sell homes for more money, process does.” 

Virtually every Austin home seller selects a listing agent because they assume the agent is an expert in valuing their property, setting the proper list price, and effectively managing the dozens of property marketing variables that impact the final selling price. 

Yet shockingly, according to Fannie Mae, the Federal National Mortgage Association backed by the US government, about 65% of homes sell for below current market value. That means homeowners are selling their homes each year for billions of dollars less than they deserve. 

It literally makes me cringe every time I see an Austin home seller use antiquated traditional property marketing methods and CMAs to sell their home for far less than its maximum potential price. Why? Because depending on the price range of your home, this could cost you, the seller, $20,000, $50,000, even $100,000 or more in lost profits.

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