Buy Real Estate in Tarrytown and Enjoy Luxury Living in a Historical Neighborhood

One of Austin’s most affluent, well-established neighborhoods, Tarrytown is located just a few minutes west of downtown and is bordered to its west by Lake Austin. A cultured and chic location, people who buy real estate in this eclectic area enjoy owning a home in a historical neighborhood that is also truly representative of the vibrant and active Austin lifestyle.

The West Austin Neighborhood Group (WANG) has gone to great lengths in preserving Tarrytown’s unique character and the beautiful structures that have made the area so distinctive over the many decades. Walking through this neighborhood is an education in Austin’s real estate history. You’ll find everything from stone cottages built in the 1920s to mid-century modern designs to contemporary condos, surrounded by century-old shade trees.

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Always in Demand, Tarrytown’s Real Estate Values Have Soared

With residential real estate development dating back to the 1860s, homes in this historical neighborhood vary greatly in size and price. From small bungalows to sprawling, multi-million dollar estates with over 10,000 square feet, there is an impressive assortment of real estate listings for sale here. Always in demand, real estate values have soared in Tarrytown, with the highest sale price on record (currently) at $15 million.

Obviously, the location is well worth the price. Within minutes, homeowners can enjoy Lake Austin, dine downtown or check out the latest literary acquisition at the University of Texas LBJ Library. Even the airport is only about a 20-minute drive.

“Tarrytown is a great, quiet, safe neighborhood with beautiful homes,” says area real estate owner Zachary Fragapane, “but the big draw for me is being just minutes from all the local amenities, trails leading to Lady Bird Lake and easy access to downtown and Mopac highway.  It’s also 5 minutes from Walsh Boat Landing and Lake Austin.”

It’s this balance of proximity to work, amenities and recreational activities that drive the value appreciation of Tarrytown real estate. Two main neighborhood shopping centers offer a variety of convenient shops, stores and businesses. In addition, many of Austin’s most popular dining establishments are found nearby, including Hula Hut, Mangia’s Pizza and Magnolia Café. The neighborhood is also highly desirable because of its top-rated schools, including Casis Elementary, which recently received an “Exemplary” rating from the Texas Education Agency.

An Inner City Oasis Boasting Charm and a Sense of Community

When families first began to lay down roots in Austin, Tarrytown was one of the most popular areas in town for residential real estate, and the neighborhood’s appeal still holds true today. There’s no better blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation and modern-day conveniences this close to downtown. The pride that locals feel for their neighborhood is evident in the stylish exteriors of the meticulously maintained homes and the well-manicured lawns.

It’s a sentiment that extends past their front doors and into the community itself. Whether by joining in for the monthly gardening project at Mayfield Park and Preserve, enjoying an art exhibit at Laguna Gloria Art Museum or working together to preserve landmarks such as the Lions Municipal Golf Course, Tarrytown residents give back to the place they call home.

“It’s rare to get to play golf inside of the city,” says Lions Municipal Golf Course Manager Erik Lopez, who understands the appeal of owning real estate in Tarrytown and its many choices of outdoor recreation. “We’re seeing a lot of new people. We also have a lot of kids out here learning to play.”

“They have the money to go to country clubs,” says Lopez, who sees this sense of community every day at Lions Municipal Golf Course, “but they’d rather be out here. Lions Municipal has always been one of the best courses in Texas because of the community.” That same community is now part of Save Muny, an organization rallying to prevent building over the beloved golf course for new real estate development.

Driving into this historical neighborhood as the high-rises give way to the towering trees, it’s undeniable that this charming area is an inner city oasis. The people who own a home here and have invested in Tarrytown real estate actively ensure that their schools offer students the best in education and that their businesses have the support they need to thrive. Community organizations work tirelessly to keep the neighborhood modern without sacrificing the character it has built over the years.

Smart Process for Buying Real Estate in Tarrytown

Smart real estate purchase decisions start with a smart home buying plan. With a wide range of homes for sale in Tarrytown, including historical homes and older homes with additions and remodeling updates, there are many variables to consider.

The first step is to educate yourself about the key elements in the real estate purchase process. Buying a home is a significant investment, and yet it’s amazing that most real estate buyers, and even real estate agents, don’t conduct extensive due diligence to ensure the price you are paying is the value you are receiving.

For example, to expertly appraise real estate, top appraisers go far beyond the traditional CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) that real estate agents often use to estimate the value of a home. Appraisers might evaluate more than 47 due diligence elements to assess the accurate property valuation.

Whether the purchase price for your home is $200,000 or $3 million, doesn’t it make sense to understand all of the factors that go into making smart real estate purchase decisions?