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Maxavenue was founded on the belief that the consumer deserves more value for the real estate commission they are paying. Buyers and sellers are often frustrated about the gap they perceive between the expertise agents offer versus the amount of commission they are getting paid.

Maxavenue is committed to delivering superior value as the real estate industry’s leading consumer champion for homebuyers, home sellers and investors. How? By raising the bar of professional competency standards with MBA level real estate training for our elite REALTORS® and business and marketing support teams.

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Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry

MBA Level Training

Maxavenue is revolutionizing the real estate industry as the world’s first brokerage company that trains and certifies agents as Value Added Real Estate Experts™ in our proprietary, consumer-centric value propositions, the Maximum Value Home Buying System® and Maximum Value Home Selling System®.

Team of Experts

Promises don’t maximize value on your next real estate transaction, process does. There are hundreds of action steps to complete in any sale and the key to maximum value is an accurate Maximum Value Market Assessment™ and great execution of a smart Win Before You Start™ negotiating strategy. Your Maxavenue agent’s team of specialized experts have been trained to help you get maximum value in your next real estate transaction.

Proven Systems

The Maximum Value Home Selling System® (MVHSS) and Maximum Value Home Buying System® are the real estate industry’s only consumer-centric value propositions for buyers and sellers. Since 2004, these exclusive, repeatable systems have helped thousands of home buyers and sellers across North America negotiate from strength and get maximum value in over a billion dollars of real estate transactions.

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